Our Services

Optum Home Health Care recognizes that selecting a home health care provider is a crucial choice. Our dedication is to deliver dependable and excellent home care services. We provide a diverse range of services tailored to meet your specific requirements, such as:

Personal care assistant (PCA)

We know that finding the proper care provider can be a difficult decision. Our Personal Care Assistant (PCA) services focus on providing exceptional care that prioritizes your comfort, safety, and independence. Our team consists of experienced and caring professionals committed to helping you with daily living activities. We take pride in taking the time to understand your unique needs and preferences to create a personalized care plan that suits you best.

Assistance provided by PCA services encompasses a wide range of activities, including but not limited to the following: Eating, Meal Preparation, Bathing, Grooming, Dressing, Transferring, Mobility (via driving, walking, wheelchair), Positioning, Toileting, Accompany to appointments, Light Housekeeping, Laundry, Some Health-Related Functions, Medicine Reminders.

Individuals must be assessed by a designated professional from their county of residence or insurance provider to determine eligibility for this service.

Waiver Services

If you’re dealing with life-changing conditions that require a waiver due to incapacity, we’re here to assist you. Our waiver services are available to all clients who seek compassionate care in the comfort of their homes and communities as an alternative to institutional care. We prioritize your well-being by conducting an initial consultation with you to assess your situation and identify the resources available to meet your specific needs. Rest assured that we’re committed to ensuring you receive the care and support you require.

We understand that every waiver is distinct, and each person has their requirements. That’s why we offer customized waiver services to cater to your situation.

Our commitment is to offer tailored care that caters to your health and daily living requirements. We are devoted to providing you with the care and assistance you merit.

Here are some of the personal support we can offer you:
  • Achieve their full potential
  • Increase their independence
  • Meet community inclusion goals that are important to and important for the recipient and based on an assessed need.

Our in-home respite care services provide consistent, reliable, and compassionate care designed to enable our clients to recover their daily routines and balance. We will tailor our services accordingly to meet your unique needs.

These are some key benefits provided by our in-home respite care services:
  • Provides a respite for the primary caregiver, giving them time away from their caregiving responsibilities.
  • Offers flexible scheduling options to meet the unique needs of the care recipient and their family, including part-time or full-time care.
  • Provides companionship and social interaction for the care recipient, reducing feelings of loneliness or isolation.

With dedication, compassion, and respect, we support our client’s family in homemaking. We are dedicated to providing emotionally and physically supportive care that enables you to fully participate and be confident about your ability to care for your loved ones at home, enhancing your quality of life.

Our homemaker services are designed to help both you and your family members in the following ways:
  • Housekeeping duties and laundry light
  • Homemaker with ADLs includes bathing, grooming, eating, and ambulating, and a worker is allowed to do home cleaning and laundry (modifier TG)
  • Homemaker/Home Management includes laundry, meal preparation, shopping for food, clothing, and supplies, simple household repairs, and arranging for transportation, and a worker is allowed to do home cleaning (modifier TF)

When we offer night supervision, you can count on us to provide you with a safe environment for rest. We have reliable, responsible, and compassionate caregivers dedicated to helping you achieve your comfort level.

This is overnight assistance and monitoring provided by an awake staff in the recipient’s home. Service includes:
  • Carrying out a recipient’s positive support programming and transition plans
  • Reinforcing independent living skills training and other skill development supports
  • Assisting with instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs)

Whenever possible, we offer individuals with disabilities the opportunity to receive ILS training, which provides them with essential skills to perform various tasks around their homes. This service is designed to enhance their ability to perform daily tasks and improve their quality of life.

These services develop, maintain and improve the community-living skills of a recipient. Areas of services include.
  • Communication skills
  • Community living and mobility
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Reduction/elimination of maladaptive behavior
  • Self-Care
  • Sensory/motor development involved in acquiring functional skills